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Revolutionary recovery specialist, best selling author, inspirational speaker, and treatment consultant.

TJ Woodward has helped countless people through his simple, yet powerful teachings.


He is the author of the books Conscious Being: Awakening to your True Nature and Conscious Recovery: A Fresh Perspective on AddictionTJ is also the creator of The Conscious Recovery Method, which is a ground breaking and effective approach to viewing and treating addiction.


TJ is pure love!! I've had several coaching sessions with him, and I feel so seen, heard and accepted in his presence. I really appreciate his direct and provocative questions, and the fact that he's always so tuned in to me and where I'm at. His gentle, loving manner creates a very safe space for me to express my truth and for my authentic self to emerge. I totally trust that he's there to support my highest good, and am enormously grateful to be working with him.

Sahina Grinczer

Coaching Client

TJ has been a colleague I have had the fortune to know for over twenty years and he is one of the first referrals I turn to. I can literally picture TJ being helpful to anyone I could send his way. His utter sense of calm that becomes the place a person can bring whatever they need to bring: his warm attentiveness that allows them to feel heard and understood: his graceful humor that reminds people that they, too, have the option of seeing things in a different way.

Heidi Yoder, MFT

Therapist in Private Practice

Jeremy Miller

Business Development Director

Our treatment program has had the honor of partnering with TJ in multiple ways. He has presented at our conferences, facilitated leadership workshops, and conducted trainings for our counselors on how to facilitate his powerful Conscious Recovery Method. TJ’s presentations are unlike any I’ve ever seen. His energy is engaging, vibrant, and sincere. I’ve seen him present numerous times and every time I’m inspired to reconnect with what truly matters spiritually.


Experiencing ourselves as love is the most natural thing in the world. The path to remembering ourselves as love is one of dismantling or unlearning everything we have been taught that contradicts this truth. Self-realization is nothing more than coming into alignment with what we inherently are already. Throughout our lives, we have received messages that taught us otherwise. Often at a young age, we come to the conclusion that we are less than whole and perfect, that we are less than love. For the most part, children believe the messages they hear. That is because their minds have not yet developed the analytical ability to question them. Even though some messages don’t feel right intuitively, a young, undeveloped mind cannot help but believe what it is told, especially when it is a repeated message...


The realization of our true nature can happen in an instant. It can happen at any moment. However, often when we catch a glimpse of it, our mind quickly reasserts itself. Sometimes we experience a prolonged state of wakefulness before our mind takes back its control. These glimpses of our natural state arise in the space between our thoughts. They happen the moment we stop identifying with our thoughts. The shift of focus, from the content of our mind to the space in which our thoughts arise, is the shift from separation to oneness. No matter what we are thinking, thought is thought. Awareness is not affected by thought. As long as we identify with our thoughts, we are identified with what is changing and temporary. With a slight change of focus, we can shift our identity to what is changeless and permanent...


It is the birthright of each and every one of us to live an awakened life. Most religions and spiritual traditions teach us that we need to adopt a certain belief system or follow some prescribed steps in order to attain a state of enlightenment. A long-held belief about awakening is that only a small number of people, destined to become gurus or spiritual teachers, can attain it. It is certainly true that until recent times only a small minority of people on the planet had attained this state of full self-realization. These saints, mystics, and spiritual masters were seen as “special.” And they certainly were, at the time. However, times are changing. We are now living in an era of rapid acceleration of the phenomenon of spiritual awakening. The truth is that awakening is absolutely available to every single human being on the planet right here, right now...

Conscious Recovery:

A Fresh Perspective

on Addiction

The Key Principles of Conscious Recovery

• Underneath all addictive behavior is an essential self that is whole and perfect

• The addiction itself has never been the "problem" but was a strategy that has lost its effectiveness

• Treating addiction must go beyond addressing symptoms and get down to the underlying root causes of destructive behavior


• The root causes of addictive behavior are unresolved trauma, spiritual disconnection, and toxic shame

• There is a pathway to permanent freedom through the adoption of spiritual practices and principles

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