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Consciously Create the Life of Your Dreams

Conscious Creation is a 5-step process that enables you to embrace the life of your dreams and create a new M.O.V.I.E. for your life. It will shift your life from un-conscious creation to conscious creation. 

1. Making Peace with the Past  2. Overcoming Core False Beliefs  3. Visioning  4. Intention Setting  5. Embodying Your Vision

What is Conscious Creation?

In this video, TJ discusses his upcoming book Conscious Creation: 5 Steps to Embracing the Life of Your Dreams.


This was a talk given at Agape Bay Area in Oakland.

Conscious Creation Book and Workbook

Perhaps you’ve heard: “Your thoughts create your reality” or “If you change your thinking, you can change your life.” Maybe you’ve practiced the Law of Attraction as a tool for getting more—more stuff, more respect, more love, or more control over your outer circumstances. And, perhaps it’s left you feeling unsatisfied.


Whether you call it the Law of Attraction, affirmations, or even positive thinking, these approaches can leave unanswered questions, like what happens if your outer circumstances do not seem to respond to changes in your thoughts—can you still be grounded in love and connection? What if you have succeeded in creating the life of your dreams externally but still feel an inner need for something more, something deeper?

Can you create a life that is even more meaningful and purposeful? The short answer is yes. You have the power within you. And if you’ve been searching for years, or even decades, you can still uncover more of what seems to be blocking you and more fully embody your deepest vision. This is the powerful and life-changing process uncovered in Conscious Creation.

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Conscious Creation
for Organizations

TJ Woodward has created a dynamic one-day workshop that will assist your group in consciously creating the next level of your organization.

Using his powerful 5-step creation process, he will assist your business, treatment program, spiritual center, or company in releasing the past and overcoming perceived obstacles so that you can have a cohesive vision for the next phase of your development.

Book a complimentary phone or Zoom consultation with TJ to learn more.