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Elevate Your Awareness

TJ Woodward is the author of three books: Conscious Being: Awakening to Your True Nature, Conscious Recovery: A Fresh Perspective on Addictionand Conscious Creation: 5 Steps to Embracing the Life of Your Dreams. All three are available in paperback, kindle, and audio versions. In addition to the books, he has co-authored several companion workbooks.

Workbooks and Journals

Conscious Being Workbook Cover.png

Conscious Being Workbook

CC Workbook Cover.png

Conscious Creation Workbook

CR Journal Cover.png

Conscious Recovery Journal

CR Workbook for Addiction Cover.png
Mental Health Cover.png
CR Workbook for ED Cover.png
Teen Cover.png

Conscious Recovery Workbook
for Addiction

Conscious Recovery Workbook
for Mental Health

Conscious Recovery Workbook
for Eating Disorders

Conscious Recovery Workbook
for Teens

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