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Activate Your Inspiration

Book TJ for your next corporate event, behavioral health conference, or clinical training.

Authentic Engagement

TJ has discovered the secret formula for awakened living; it’s the magic of authenticity. He connects with his audience through his engaging style and his genuine presence. Having touched countless people through his presentations, TJ's inspirational talks, interactive workshops, and dynamic clinical trainings, provide the unique opportunity to hear and meet this extraordinary speaker whose wisdom and dynamic presence communicates to the mind, heart, and soul.

Clinical Keynotes and Trainings

The Conscious Recovery Experience

The Energizing Power of Presence

Creating Compassionate Connection

Healing Toxic Shame​

Motivational Keynotes and Workshops

The Art of Conscious Creation

Overcoming Core False Beliefs

Awakening to Your True Nature

Embracing the Life of Your Dreams

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The Art of Conscious Creation

Enjoy TJ's latest offering produced in collaboration with Wholehearted: Conscious Creation: 5 Steps to Embracing the Life of Your Dreams.

A Return to Wholeness

Recovery is a process, but TJ wants to remind us that a return to wholeness can be an instantaneous experience that begins with a fundamental shift in how you see and relate to yourself.

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Healing From the Inside Out

What is healing?

What are the four rooms of existence?

What is Conscious Recovery?

What does it mean to be unharmable?

An inward path of healing.

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