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TJ Woodward is a highly sought after guest on multiple TV shows, radio shows, and podcasts.

TV Appearences

Featuring TJ Woodward

Please enjoy these dynamic and informative conversations with TJ Woodward on a wide array of topics on multiple national TV morning shows and news shows.

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Featuring TJ Woodward

Podcast Interviews

Please enjoy these engaging conversations with TJ Woodward covering a wide array of topics on numerous national podcasts with some of today's leading thought leaders.

Listen to TJ interviewed by Michael Beckwith

Hosted by spiritual teacher and author Michael Beckwith, The Sound of Transformation is about waking up to the deep potential that’s within every being on the planet so that we can become a strong and beneficial presence on the planet at this time in human history. In this episode, Michael and TJ discuss the following topics:


TJ's 7 Spiritual Keys

The 4 Levels of Conscious Awareness


The Path to Awakening

Awakened/Unawakened Living

The Great Remembering of our Essential Nature

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Wake Up Radio Show
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Watch TJ on Zach Bush MD's Webinar

Mental health has become one of the most challenging frontiers in the human experience.

To achieve today’s mental health crisis at this unprecedented level across all ages, we must simultaneously have achieved severe, widespread changes in the neurochemistry environment of the population. How did we arrive here and how can we reinstate a healthy mental state?

In this webinar, we explore the biological and social risk factors behind today’s mental health crisis. Learn how microbiome damage from our environment and our lifestyle habits adversely affects our mental health, and dive into strategies to revive your mental state and reconnect with your true self and purpose.

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