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Activate Your Inner Wisdom

TJ Woodward offers a wide array of online courses, designed to assist you in embracing a life filled with passion and purpose!

TJ's Immersive Online Courses

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#Unharmable Course

Life and all of its layers can influence us to believe that we are inherently broken. For centuries human beings have been domesticated to believe that who and what we are is only acceptable so long as it lines up with cultural standards. While we experience hardships, heartache, trials and troubles, there is a place deep within each and every one of us that is unharmed and unharmable.

Conscious Creation Course

Conscious Creation is a 5-step process that enables you to embrace the life of your dreams and create a new M.O.V.I.E. for your life. It will shift your life from un-conscious creation to conscious creation. The 5 Step Process includes the following: Making Peace with the Past, Overcoming Core False Beliefs, Visioning, Intention Setting, and Embodying Your Vision.

Conscious Being Course

Conscious Being shows you how the circumstances of your life and what you call reality are created by your level of consciousness. It offers methods for unlearning and releasing self-limiting beliefs and the illusion of ego so you can come into alignment with an existence overflowing with compassion, love, and purpose.

Conscious Recovery Online Courses

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Conscious Recovery Experience
for People in Recovery

The Conscious Recovery Experience for Individuals includes access to a comprehensive plan for personal growth and success that includes hours of video and dozens of self-guided activities that have been extensively tested and refined over the past 20 years. Through the step-by-step activities, you will grow in your understanding and self-awareness and connection to your essential self.


TJ Woodward and Wholehearted studios will continue to add further strategies and tools to your arsenal of self-help techniques, along with an online community especially created and curated for individuals participating in the Conscious Recovery community.

Join us today to begin your new life journey!

Conscious Recovery Method
for Treatment Programs

Owning and/or operating a treatment program comes with its own set of challenges. Adding new elements to your already existing curriculum doesn't need to be one of them. The Conscious Recovery Method is a system of care that can be integrated into most any existing treatment program. 

It is a treatment modality that includes 12-weeks of residential and outpatient curriculum and extensive clinical training. The residential curriculum focuses on assisting clients in connecting with their authentic self and breaking free from addictive patterns. The outpatient curriculum is based on the spiritual and recovery principles introduced in TJ Woodward's groundbreaking and effective Conscious Recovery Workbook.

Conscious Recovery Training
for Clinicians in Private Practice

Conscious Recovery for Professionals provides a comprehensive set of tools, techniques, and strategies for working with individuals and groups to achieve powerful, effective results that will help your clients achieve and maintain recovery in the long term. The training builds on your existing skills sets and offers numerous practical strategies and tools to significantly enhance counselor effectiveness in individual client attunement.


TJ Woodward and Wholehearted studios created a digital course that is a comprehensive, holistic approach to addiction treatment offering effective strategies for getting to the root cause of addiction and addressing the underlying trauma, shame, spiritual disconnection, lack of worthiness, and other factors that underlie addictive behaviors. 

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