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Ignite Your Inner Wisdom

TJ Woodward offers a wide array of online courses, designed to assist you in embracing a life filled with passion and purpose!

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The Power of Presence

A Masterclass by TJ Woodward

Most clinicians are trained to focus on symptoms and behaviors, but little attention is given to the power of deeply attuning to their clients. In this sacred space of authentic connection, clinicians can better understand their clients and help them get to the root causes of addiction and mental health concerns, while also addressing the underlying trauma, shame, spiritual disconnection, lack of worthiness, and other factors that underlie maladaptive behaviors. This is not only a more effective approach for clients but is also energizing for clinicians which helps alleviate burnout, overwhelm, and compassion fatigue.

Conscious Recovery for Professional Healers

Conscious Recovery is a comprehensive, holistic approach to addiction treatment offering effective strategies for getting to the root cause of addiction and addressing the underlying trauma, shame, spiritual disconnection, lack of worthiness, and other factors that underlie addictive behaviors. Conscious Recovery is rooted in the fundamental principle that underneath all addictive behavior is an essential self that is whole and perfect; the addictive behaviors are coping strategies to manage underlying unaddressed wounds and pain that drive the addictive behaviors.


Conscious Creation

5 Steps to Embracing the Life of Your Dreams

​Can you create a life that is even more meaningful and purposeful? The short answer is yes. You have the power within you. And if you’ve been searching for years, or even decades, you can still uncover more of what seems to be blocking you and more fully embody your deepest vision. This is the powerful and life-changing process uncovered in Conscious Creation.

Conscious Creation is a 5-step process that enables you to embrace the life of your dreams and create a new M.O.V.I.E. for your life. It will shift your life from un-conscious creation to conscious creation. 

Conscious Recovery for People in Recovery

The purpose of Conscious Recovery is to offer a spiritual perspective that can assist you in addressing the underlying root causes of your addictive behaviors. It is intended to enhance any program, therapy, or other support system in which you are currently engaged. Its aim is not to provide definitive answers, but to introduce questions that can assist you in accessing your own inner wisdom and rediscover your true nature. Through video, written, and experiential activities, TJ guides you at your own pace to learn about yourself and gain a deeper insight of your own personal pathway to recovery, and discover your inner essential self that is whole and perfect.

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