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Enhance Your Practice

The CR certification provides a comprehensive set of techniques that will help you create better attunement with your clients.

Become a Conscious RecoveryTM Certified Coach

Conscious Recovery is a comprehensive, holistic approach to addiction treatment offering effective strategies for getting to the root cause of addiction and addressing the underlying trauma, shame, spiritual disconnection, lack of worthiness, and other factors that underlie addictive behaviors. Conscious Recovery is rooted in the fundamental principle that underneath all addictive behavior is an essential self that is whole and perfect; the addictive behaviors are coping strategies to manage underlying unaddressed wounds and pain that drive the addictive behaviors. The Conscious Recovery certification process provides a comprehensive set of tools and techniques which will help your clients achieve and maintain recovery in the long term. The training builds on your existing skill sets and offers numerous practical strategies and methods to significantly enhance your effectiveness in group and 1 on 1 settings.

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Complete the Four Modules to Become Certified

Modules one through three can be completed in any order, but you must complete all four modules before becoming licensed as a Conscious Recovery certified coach.

In-Person Training

Attend a 2-day training facilitated by TJ Woodward

June 29th

and 30th

Cost: $999


The Power of Presence:

A fully immersive online course available exclusively on

Cost: $299


CR for Professionals:

A fully immersive online course available exclusively on

Cost: $299

Cost: $399

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